koh rong

…in the world of tourism, in particular for remote paradise islands. Today we are going to present you a very special tip for insiders a truly hidden traveler’s gem on the island . Koh Rong – It is situated off the coast of Cambodia and still some kind of backpacker’s paradise. A man from Baden-Baden(Germany) Rudy Schmittlein had a profound impact on the island’s development during the last years He is committed to the preservation of the island’s current pristine and untouched state and to delay mass-tourism as long as possible.

At the pier in Sihanoukville we are being introduced to the local prime virtue – Asian easy-going Already clocks do tick slower here Hence – our trip to the backpacker paradise is “quite” delayed nobody actually cares There is no power grid on Koh Rong, no piped water no roads, no cars, no motor-bike, we did not even see a bicycle. The few houses offer cheap rooms for all sorts of peace-seekers. The place is definitively not for the passionate shopper.

There is not much to have here apart from fresh fruit and post-cards There is only…THIS a seemingly endless string of white sand beaches and azure waters And a bungalow hamlet, just like locals would have made it of wood with a thatched roof amidst the jungle and yet on the beach Paradise Bungalows Paradise Bungalows We meet Rudy Rudy Schmittlein – from Baden-Baden (Germany) He started to built the first bungalows in 2007 eight years ago and was the first foreign person to permanently settle here By 2015 the team consists of forty employees consist of forty employees A trained merchant tour guide, cosmopolit and former diving instructor with a rather remarkable and turbulent biography leads the place with the cool and affection of a loving father “I came across Cambodia, looking for a new challenge, ….which i actually found here in Cambodia having settled i first established a diving school and ran tour boats, which made me discover the surrounding islands and have found a new home here on Koh Rong” A home dedicated to tradition and with a passion for tiny details …little memories of the old days …little memories of the old days …it is a lovely home, but everything has its price there are wall sockets everywhere but where does the power come from? “I generate electricity myself Until recently we cooled all drinks with block ice As we have to get them here from Sihanoukville half of the ice is gone once it arrives on the island subsequently we need a lot of them Costs are eventually as high as our own Diesel generated power Diesel generated power” All bungalows are being built by local people who generally use local sustainable materials When he took over it was a piece of slash and burn land Lush and beautiful vegetation has been planted Lush and beautiful vegetation has been planted Lush and beautiful vegetation has been planted Garbage is rather a problem on an island and tourists make lots of it With Rudy’s help a proper solution was found, as simple signs certainly don’t work All rubbish is being returned to the mainland by boat – daily by boat – daily Domestic water and water for our guests does for most of the year simply come down the mountain Drinking water needs a more refined solution, though Drinking water needs a more refined solution, though “Our water filter system is a great example for how we actively can get involved into social support in Cambodia We filter water on our own and sell it for a small profit to our guests which enables us to cover the costs for our social project our employees’ medical bills, dentist bills and other things that Cambodians normally can’t afford.” ten years ago, at Christmas 2004 a gigantic tsunami wave devastated the Indian Ocean coast line killing more than 230.000 people Rudy was at a beach in Sri Lanka right in the middle of the disaster he barely survived ” I was pinned down by my own boat.

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