koh rong

When we talk about beaches in Southeast Asia, we quickly think about Thailand. But over here in Cambodia, there’s a well kept treasure: the island of Koh Rong! Koh Rong doesn’t have that thing of “what’s mandatory to do”. Life here is like that: clear waters, tranquility and island pace. Koh Rong is a place for you to run away from the world! The less you hurry, the more you’ll enjoy your stay. The main thing to do here is to switch off, literally. Do a technological detox for a few days. Leaving the capital, Phnom Penh, that we showed on our last video about Cambodia, you’ll take four hours on a bus to Sihanoukville and, onwards, two more hours on a boat to Koh Rong.

I think that after all this time you don’t want to find a noisy and dirty beach. So runaway from Monkey Island, the main beach, located on the south of the island. The hotel I stayed is Palm Beach. Despite the pretentious name, it’s a set of very simple bangalows. As you see, it’s very simple. Pleasant, but simple. They cut off electricty at 10 p.m. The good thing is that it’s 4 p.m. and it’s already cut. I’ve got time to practice. The island doesn’t have internet and, depending on the time, water and electricity are rationed. Just in time: I’ve got nothing againt technology! If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here doing this video! It’s just nice to remember every now and then that life after wifi exists! There’s no way to go from one beach to the others overland because the insides of the island are still a wild and unexplored forest. You have to hop on a boat, chartered by your hotel.

But the thing is: there’s no reaon for you to do that. The vibe is the same everywhere: relax under a palm tree. This is it. There are two or three fishing villages around and the beaches are so virgin they don’t even have a name yet! There are over 40km of virgin beaches in the island. Don’t worry, don’t get busy… relax! If Koh Rong is not the great reason for you to go to Cambodia, belive me: it’s very important to get vacations from your vacations in Southeast Asia! Guys, if you enjoyed it, don’t you forget to like it and subscribe to the channel! See you in the next 3em3 Cambodia, taking place in Angkor Wat! .

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