Kratie Dolphin

Is a sleepy-eyed Mekong River town situated on the east bank of the mighty river.It’s very picturesque with sandbars and big-hearted islands out front and bends in the river. Unlike in numerous cities around Cambodia, the war years is really very category to the French...
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Artisans d’Angkor

artisans d'Angkor
Who we are True inside and beautiful outside, Artisans Angkor Artisans Angkor was created in 1999 to help young people find work in their home hamlets, allowing them to practice their skills while providing them with a vocation. It was created as part of a...
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Virak Chey a Beautiful Natural Park

virak chey
Natural forest, stunning mountains, valleys and plateaus, local ethnic communities and diverse wildlife await visitors at the national park Virak Chey. National park Virak Chey covers an area of ​​3,325 km2 in Vern Sai and Ta Veng district of Ratanakiri province and extending to Siem...
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Riding Elephant in Cambodia

A special memory that all tourists can’t forget of having a great time in Cambodia is riding the elephant with cool nature views. Elephant riding usually have at Wat Phnom or Angkor former Park but the places that offering the most necessary elephants riding experiences...
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Chey Chum Neah Restaurant and Water Park

Chey Chum Neah Restaurant
Chey Chum Neah Restaurant and Water Park is a news created resort which is so beautiful and attracted place. It’s about 20km from Phnom Penh capital city along the national road No 2 and located in Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. It’s a new interesting...
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Top 10 Tourist Places in Cambodia

tourist places
Although Cambodia is a developing country, but also for the country’s tourism sector is very favorable compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Among those attractive place for tourists, mostly some small cities and villages, temples and beautiful beaches. So now let take a look...
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Cheung Ek Killing Field

killing field
Between 1975 and 1978,aabout 17,000 men, women, children and infants (including nine westerners), detained and tortured at S-21 prison (now Tuol Sleng Museum), were transported to the extermination to death to avoid wasting precious bullets.The remains of 8985 people, many of whom were bound and...
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